A New Beginning

Written in Jan. 2014

In 2011 I decided to make the trip to Europe that mentioned earlier. Mary helped me make the arrangements and she accompanied me for most of the trip. So in mid-June I flew to Johannesburg, where Brian met me. I stayed with Brian and Naomi for three days. It was midwinter. Mary had flown up from George and we went together to Heathrow, where it was midsummer. We hired a car and drove up to Suffolk.

We stayed with Lilian’s sister, Monica and husband, Gordon. Also visited another sister, Gladys Mary, and Colin.

After five days, we flew to Switzerland and visited Jane and Mark and their family. We had a good time, hiking in the mountains, picking raspberries, eating cherries and helping Jane in the garden.

Mary had to return early, but I went back to England and stayed with the Leicesters before and after a seven-day tour of Ireland. I had never been to that country before; so I greatly enjoyed the experience.

On my return, I continued walking in the early mornings, usually following the same route that Lilian and I used to take. One of the regular walkers that I met was a fellow Church member, Elize Böhme. Over the next few months I came to realize that she was someone with whom I wanted to get better acquainted. We were the same age and enjoyed many of the same things. You can guess the rest! We fell in love and on the 14th November we were engaged.

On the 12th February, 2012, we were married and left for our honeymoon at Betty’s Bay. We had an enjoyable time and returned to commence life together.

Elize enjoys the garden, especially the roses, in a bed and in pots. She does flower arranging and is a member of the George Flower Club.

In July/August 2013, Elize and I made a trip overseas. Firstly, we visited my brother, Brian, and family in Pretoria; also Elize’s family near Jo’burg.

Then we visited Jane and Mark and their family in Switzerland, which we enjoyed, before flying on to England, where we visited Elize’s daughter, Mariana, grand-daughter, her husband and two little boys.

We went with Mariana to the Lake District for a week and then helped her move, as she is now teaching at a different school.

We also went by coach up to Scotland, to visit a mutual friend, Shirley Thomas. Then we flew home (taking about 24 hours, on three planes).

We have also made several trips to the Cape Town region, to visit Elize’s other daughter, Esté’, and family.