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“The classes at Newbold have really pushed me to think critically, and become more comfortable with presenting ideas to my peers – both skills which are vital to my future career.

The assessment model at Newbold is different to assessment in the US, and the change has forced me to improve the quality and quantity of work I put into it – I have ended up producing some of the best academic papers I have ever written.

I have loved my time at Newbold. I have made so many friends, and been pushed to enlarge my comfort zone. Newbold has given me a fresh start, but more importantly I found Jesus here.”

Matt Neall (Southern Business Exchange Programme, USA)

“I had wanted to experience Newbold for some time, and so far it is everything I thought it would be, and more. So much more. The classes, the teachers, the people, the church and England itself.

Coming to Newbold made me realise how much more I could be involving God in my personal life. I have never felt God so deeply and strongly as I have at Newbold. So far my Newbold experience has been life changing for me, in a positive and healthy way.”

Karen Holman (Theology, Norway)

“Being at Newbold has been an exciting journey so far. My aim on arrival was to study hard and involve myself in activities. Being involved in things like the Newbold Student Association and Campus Ministries have also enriched my experience – both organisations have been such an encouragement that I decided to become a member to help others experience the impact they had on me.

As a first year theology student I realised that studying about God does not automatically improve your personal time with Him. Strange but true. This makes me even more grateful for the uplifting spiritual activities on campus which have acted as a reminder of the importance of a personal, one-on-one relationship with God.”

Sofeena Lowe (Theology, United Kingdom)

“Student life at Newbold is very different. At home I was studying at a big university with crowds of students, and I didn’t really know any of them. At Newbold it is like being part of a big family with so many brothers and sisters, a place where everybody knows everyone – which is sometimes good and sometimes not so good – but a lot better than not knowing anyone!

My experience is a bit different to some of the other students I am studying with because I am also working to finance my studies, but the atmosphere at Newbold makes this worthwhile. Someone from the Newbold community recommended the College to me so I gave it a chance and I am so happy I made that decision.”

Konrad Kávai (English Language Centre)

“I really enjoy the academic side of life at Newbold. With the help of experienced lecturers and tutors we learn so much more than we could out of books alone, such as real life stories, dilemmas and how to deal with them.

I decided to come to Newbold because the atmosphere is amazing. It is relaxed yet professional. Newbold focuses not just on the academic side, but on providing a life-changing and faith-affirming experience.”

Robert Keszeg (Business Studies, Hungary)



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