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Study English at the heart of England and British culture. Whether you’re looking to experience the culture, continue your studies in English, sit a language exam, be able to communicate fluently at work, use the language with ease around the globe or just need time off to discover who you are, the Newbold English Language Centre is the place for you.

Set in the beautiful countryside of Berkshire, with easy access to London, Oxford, Windsor, Brighton and many other famous locations, the Newbold English Language Centre offers a diverse experience of language, culture and social life within a Christian context.


    • Our learner-centred approach focuses on your needs. The courses are designed to offer you the best support in your learning, no matter what level of English or which skills you want to focus on.
    • Our highly qualified teachers are committed to helping you develop your language and grow in confidence.
    • We encourage you to practise your English in and outside the classroom. Our team love[2] the communicative approach to language teaching and believe in helping you actively use what you know and learn in everyday interactions.
    • Our programmes cater for different needs and we are always eager to hear about other ways we can help you develop your English.
    • We offer much more than just language learning. In addition to improving your English, you have opportunities to develop numerous transferable skills, such as teamwork, intercultural communication, critical and creative thinking, and study skills.

If this sounds like a learning experience you could enjoy, take a moment to explore the General English Language Course and the Summer School in English in greater detail.


Master your English, embrace the British culture and build friendships for life in the heart of England. Ranging from half a semester to a full year, the General English Language Course offers a rich blend of language classes, to help you achieve your personal goals as an English speaker, and a cultural experience like no other.

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Looking to experience up to a month away in a new culture and put your English to the test? Then the Summer School in English is just the thing for you. Packed with language learning in and out of class, fun and sun (or rain), this intensive programme is designed to build your fluency and confidence as a communicator.

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[1] brush up on is a phrasal verb and means “to practise and improve your skills or knowledge of something” (www.macmillandictionary.com).
[2] team is a collective noun and can be followed by a verb in singular as well as plural. If you use singular, you are talking about the group in general; if you use plural, you mean “each member of the team”. We mean “each member of our team”.

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