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University Year Experience

University Year Experience


The University Year Experience is your opportunity to encounter and explore literature, history, theology and religion, the history of art and music, health, and business as you engage with people from across the world and, through them, experience a variety of different cultures.

The programme allows you to study any modules from our selection of offerings and gives you the flexibility to undertake modules at an undergraduate level without enrolling in a specific degree programme. If you are not sure what you want to do with your life, or would like to study at a Christian college before going on to study elsewhere, then our University Year Experience is an excellent opportunity to prepare for your future – whether at Newbold, in the UK, or elsewhere.

One or two semesters (with option for further studies)

Full-time, part-time

Autumn Semester (September),
Spring Semester (January)

Flexible, depending on your chosen area of study

Dr Sandra Rigby-Barrett

Andrews University (United States) and Washington Adventist University (United States)


  • Take advantage of the unique opportunity Newbold provides, allowing you to gain university credits that you can take for general interest or apply to future studies.
  • Gain a global perspective from our culturally diverse staff and from your fellow students, who represent around 50 different nationalities.
  • Tailor your studies to match your lifestyle by choosing from the modules offered during regular semesters or those offered in intensive mode during the summer.
  • Utilise our academic facilities, from our well-stocked library with its efficient electronic resource service, to the Ellen G. White Research Centre.
  • Study a programme whose credits are transferable and recognised internationally, allowing you control over your future.
Life at Newbold is awesome, two of the subjects I am enjoying are International Management and Fine Arts because of the trips!”, said Jack. “The Fine Arts class has so far had trips to the English National Opera to see Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’ and to ‘The Lion King’. Whilst at Newbold, we have also had the privilege to visit the Scottish Highlands.
Jack was also happy with the new friends he has made and to have met people from different parts of the world. “I am making the most of being at Newbold, the weather sometimes makes me miss home but the campus life is great so my friends and I do not have to spend time in the dorms a lot.
Being in England is a perfect way to study history, I am also enjoying studying Ethics,” said Colton. “Life in the dorms is nice because you get to hang out with your friends all the time. Some of the best places I have visited are Scotland, Ireland and Spain.
Jack and Colton


The University Year Experience gives you the freedom to choose up to 15 US credits in each semester, from modules within the study areas listed below. Generally 15 US credits equals five modules, worth three US credits each, although the number of credits a module is worth may occasionally vary. While 15 US credits (five modules) is considered a full-time load, you may choose to do an additional module, to total 18 credits per semester, if you wish (this may come at an additional cost).

You may choose any modules from those Newbold offers in partnership with Andrews University or Washington Adventist University, if you meet the prerequisite requirements for the modules. Modules can be chosen from the following programmes

  • Business Studies (including options such as management, marketing, accounting and economics)
  • Humanities (including options such as English literature, British history, fine arts, performing arts and media)
  • Theology and Religious Studies (including biblical studies, historical studies, ancient languages and theological studies)
  • Health and Wellness (modules held in intensive mode during the summer)

Choose from any of the business modules that we offer in partnership with Washington Adventist University. We recommend that you choose modules that give you an awareness of the cultural influences that affect management and modules that explore the philosophies and principles of international marketing, economics and accounting. Examples of such modules include:

  • Economics for Business (ECON265) – 3 credits
  • Principles of Management (MGMT301) – 3 credits
  • Principles of Marketing (MKTG310) – 3 credits
  • International Marketing (MKTG425) – 3 credits

Find out more about our offerings in Bachelor of Science in Business Studies.

Choose from our range of modules in English literature, history and fine arts – known as our British Heritage Suite – offered in partnership with Andrews University. Through these modules you will have the opportunity to experience a unique learning environment in the classroom and beyond as you participate in trips and tours to related and significant sites of cultural, literary and historical interest.

You will encounter authors such as Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Dickens, TS Eliot, Woolf, Tolkien and CS Lewis through studying modules such as:

  • Text on Film and Location I (ENGL225A) – 3 credits
  • Text on Film and Location II (ENGL225B) – 3 credits
  • English Literature in Context I (ENGL478A) – 3 credits
  • English Literature in Context II (ENGL478B) – 3 credits
  • CS Lewis, Literature and the Religious Life (ENGL425H) – 3 credits
  • Shakespeare Drama Practicum (ENGL425I) – 3 credits

You will explore historical locations such as the dungeons and execution spots of the Tower of London, or marvel at the Henry VIII’s Great Hall at Hampton Court palace. You’ll study why turnips helped to take over the world through modules such as:

  • Reformation to Revolution (HIST437F) – 3 credits
  • Empire to Entropy (HIST437G) – 3 credits
  • British History in Context I (HIST378A) – 3 credits
  • British History in Context II (HIST378B) – 3 credits
  • Anglo-Saxon Britain (HIST345) – 3 credits

Find out more about our offerings in the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities.

Choose from any of the theology and religious studies modules that we offer through our partnership with Andrews University in our undergraduate degrees in theology and religious studies. We recommend that you choose foundation modules that allow you to begin to explore and gain knowledge in this area, such as

  • Foundations of Biblical Studies (RELG360C) – 3 credits
  • Foundations of Christian Theology (RELG360D) – 3 credits
  • Religion and Ethics in Modern Society (RELT340) – 3 credits
  • Law and Writings in the Old Testament (RELB216) – 3 credits

Find out more about our offerings in the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Pastoral Studies.

Our Certificate in Health and Wellness is offered over the summer and gives participants the opportunity to learn how to share the Adventist lifestyle in their church and local community by learning more about nutrition and dietetics, fitness, wellness, the benefits of a vegetarian diet, and of regular exercise and physical fitness. You may choose to study modules from this programme over the summer, which currently is the only time these modules are offered.

Find out more about the modules offered within the Certificate in Health and Wellness.


The following staff teach in this programme, in addition to those who also teach modules from the College’s offerings in business studies, theology and religious studies, and health and wellness:


You may need to meet different entry requirements depending on where you are from and what your academic background is.

Modules in our University Year Experience are taught at an undergraduate level. To enroll on the programme, you will need:

  • Five GCSEs grade A*-C or equivalent (including Maths and English)
  • To be at least 18 years of age at the beginning of the academic year

If English is not your native language you will also need to have demonstrate that you have a sufficient standard of English to study at this level, or to have taken one of the following English proficiency tests:

  • IELTS (mandatory for visa students)
  • Cambridge Exam (either Certificate of Proficiency in English or Certificate in Advanced English)


Newbold’s fee structure is competitive, especially compared with universities in the United Kingdom and with Adventist higher education providers in the United States.

Fees for the University Year Experience programme depend on whether you choose to stay for one or two semesters. The programme price includes all tuition fees, accommodation, meals and trips.

Find out more about our tuition fees and use our cost calculator to estimate what your study plan might cost.


Through the University Year Experience programme you will have had the opportunity to:

  • Focus on your faith, study spirituality, and reflect on religion.
  • Gain insight into a range of different subjects which may help you decide what you would like to focus on in the future.
  • Strive for academic excellence across a broad range of subjects and study areas
  • Engage with people from around the world and, through them, experience a variety of different cultures.

The credits you receive from this programme are offered in partnership with Andrews University or Washington Adventist University (depending on the exact modules you choose) and are able to be transferred into other programmes within the US educational system. They are all also able to be applied to either major and general education requirements in the US higher education system, including those offered by Newbold.

By studying under the University Year Experience you will be able to kick-start your higher education without being tied down to a major or specific programme of study. Your credits will all be transferable within the US higher education system, including the programmes offered at Newbold through our US partner institutions.

You will have built a platform for your future, whether you choose to go on to further study or to start your professional career.

If you are from outside the UK and you choose to study at Newbold you will have gained study abroad experience that is greatly valued by employers, and which gives you an edge when it comes to employment opportunities as a graduate.


Newbold is accredited by the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges and Universities, is accredited within the UK higher education sector by the British Accreditation Council for Further and Higher Education, and receives educational oversight from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.

The University Year Experience is offered in partnership with Andrews University (USA) and Washington Adventist University (USA).

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