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Diversity Centre

Diversity Centre

The Diversity Centre at Newbold College of Higher Education creates and hosts lectures and conferences which explore ideas about human differences in an open, inclusive environment. It is dedicated to creating a forum where majority and minority groups can discuss, reconcile and celebrate their differences in a safe space. It aims not to emphasise differences at the expense of commonality, but emphasises what we have in common and balances that with what makes us unique.


Everyone who is interested in learning about people who are in some way different from them. Diversity Centre audiences are usually composed of people from the College plus visitors from the wider community in Bracknell, Wokingham, and further afield.


The Centre usually hosts three monthly lectures each semester including the annual Beach Lecture (funded by the Beach endowment) every October. The lectures are usually on a Tuesday night at 19.30 in Salisbury Hall at Newbold.


For more information about the Diversity Centre or any of their lectures, please contact Helen Pearson, the Coordinator for the Diversity Centre.

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