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Ellen G. White Research Centre

EGW Research Centre

The Ellen G. White Research Centre was opened at Newbold in 1974, the first of its kind established outside of the United States.

The Centre provides the facilities and resources for research into the life and writings of Ellen G. White and the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Our collection

The Centre has a complete collection of Ellen G. White’s published and unpublished letters and manuscripts, consisting of approximately 50,000 pages, including sample handwritten letters. A card index organised by subject enables researchers to find material easily, although all the material is now available online.

Contribute to our collection

We are always looking for material relating to the life and work of Ellen G. White and the history of the Adventist church. This includes resources such as books and pamphlets, periodicals, correspondence by prominent Adventist workers, and photographs of workers and institutions.

We are especially interested in materials related to the history of Adventist work in Europe. Please contact us if you have material you think might be helpful or that you would like to donate.


The following links may help with your research and study into the life and work of Ellen G. White and the history of the Adventist church:


Thousands of pages of documents pertaining to Adventist history and Ellen G. White are available through the White Estate Digital Resource Centre (DRC) database. The DRC also includes answers to thousands of questions addressed to the White Estate from the 1930s to the present and is available online.


The Centre has a selection of Bibles, Ellen G. White books, theology books, healthy lifestyle books and more. The store is located within the Ellen G. White Research Centre and is open 9:00am to 3:00pm, Monday to Thursday.


The Ellen G. White Research Centre is located on the ground floor of the Roy Graham Library on the Newbold campus.

We would be happy to help you find the resources that you need. Please feel free to contact us directly.

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