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5 reasons to study the BA (Honours) in Biblical and Pastoral Studies

5 reasons to study the BA (Honours) in Biblical and Pastoral Studies

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Biblical and Pastoral Studies programme has been designed to provide foundational pastoral skills for ministry within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The content of this programme reflects the Church’s conviction that successful ministry must be based on a deep knowledge of Scripture, an understanding of the Church’s history and mission, and competence in pastoral skills which are relevant to the needs of the contemporary world.

Here are five reasons why you should consider studying the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Biblical and Pastoral Studies at Newbold.

  • Adventist theology – From the very beginning of the programme, you will be enrolled on modules that will give you a firm foundation of Adventist theology. The BA programme offers modules on Ellen G. White, the history of the Adventist church and other various subject-specific modules that will enable you to engage with theological discussions within the Adventist church. However, the BA programme will also broaden your understanding of non-Adventist theology in order to empower you to engage with various individuals outside of the Adventist church.
  • Competitively-priced – The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Biblical and Pastoral Studies is competitively priced compared to other Adventist institutions. Whilst the tuition costs are affordable for students, the quality of education is not sacrificed. You will gain both an affordable and an excellent undergraduate degree.
  • Multicultural environment – Newbold is a multicultural community with individuals both studying and working at Newbold from over 50 different countries. The lecturers in the MA in Theology programme are highly educated and represent the Adventist church in various cultures. Additionally, due to the location of Newbold, there are various ministry opportunities in churches of different cultures in and around Newbold, such as the Newbold Russian-speaking Church within walking distance of the College and others.
  • Geographically well-placed – With Newbold being in relatively close proximity to London, this offers plenty of study and tourist opportunities. For example, the British Museum, which is located in London, can offer the interested theology student a glimpse into the biblical world with an array of historical objects; including manuscript extracts. Additionally, there are various historical sites within a short drive from Newbold, including Iffley Church.
  • European content of study – Learning Adventist theology within a European context offers a high-standard of education and as you grapple with the challenges of the post-modern, western society, you also engage in relevant methods of evangelism. This will serve to prepare you to minister both within the European context and even further afield.


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