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Evangelism and Church Growth Symposium

Evangelism and Church Growth Symposium


Join Mark and Ernestine Finley in an inspiring experience in discovering life-changing biblical principles that will make you a more effective evangelistic leader as you share the message of Christ in your church and community. The first week of learning will be held 19-25 August 2018, with subsequent programmes on the Newbold campus in the summers of 2019 and 2020.

Explore Christ’s methods for reaching lost people through practical, proven, field-tested principles that encourage church growth.

Discover how to:

  • Develop multifaceted ministries to meet the needs of your community
  • Lead your church to become a “centre of influence” to make a positive difference in the community
  • Strategically plan mission for growth
  • Advertise programmes in a European context that will encourage attendance
  • Create spiritual opportunities from casual contacts
  • Share spiritual principles through health programmes
  • Conduct relevant, life-changing biblical seminars
  • Motivate and inspire a new generation of lay leaders to use their gifts in sharing Christ with the community.

The Evangelism and Church Growth Symposium is for any pastors or lay members with a passion for spreading the word of Christ more effectively in their churches and communities. 


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