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At Newbold, there is time set aside every day for worship, meditation and fellowship with special spiritual emphasis placed on the Sabbath. Sabbath is celebrated from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday, providing a number of different worship opportunities. However, we believe that worship is a way of life, not a just a programme of events.

By Jesus’ example we can see that He put time aside each day to commune with His father. He then took that power and used it to bless others. That is what we strive to promote amongst our students and staff. Personal devotion is the responsibility of the individual but we are pleased to have the opportunity to offer a range of programmes where our students and staff can put their faith into action.

There are numerous spiritual activities and events throughout the week for all tastes and styles of worship. There are also many small groups which meet for spiritual nourishment which our Chaplain, Pastor Alastair Agbaje, and his team coordinate on campus.



This is a small-group morning devotion and prayer time, scheduled at the beginning of the week. This enables students to start the week feeling rejuvenated and energised by reading the Bible, singing and praying together for specific needs, for individuals and the wider College community. The dynamic of this group builds relationships and accountability to each other.

Monday 8:15am-8:45am, Murdoch Hall, Student Lounge.


AGAPE is a small group where we explore the character of God in various ways. We look at biblical topics and beliefs that have relevance to our understanding of God as well as partake in various activities that make our talk about God practical.

The goal of AGAPE is to better come to know and love our amazing God and Creator through our Redeemer Jesus Christ. We aspire to behold Him so that we would be changed to be more like him.

Through AGAPE we hope to develop healthy Christian habits that are a blessing to ourselves and others through an intimate relationship with Jesus, that we may share his love more clearly in all our words and actions.

Thursday 7:30pm-8:30pm, Student Lounge, Murdoch Hall.


One of the longest-running worship services at Newbold, The Experience is all about Jesus and community. We sing. We play. We talk. We pray. We listen. We share. In other words, we try to be as innovative as possible in the way we run our programmes. Our intention? To knock down formalism. Our goal? To bring every student one step closer to God. Having started as a statement against compulsory worship, we try to remain as free as possible in the way we do things. Come and check us out when you have the chance!

Tuesday 9pm-10pm, Student Centre, Keough House.


This is a creative way for students to come together in the morning to pray and exercise. The run is approximately 3-4 kilometers. Everyone who participates always leaves feeling a spiritual and physical blessing. There is a fantastic camaraderie among the students as some are at different levels in running and are encouraged by the positive teamwork and truly feel encouraged by the group prayer at the beginning and end of the session, which is focused on the specific needs of participants.

Thursday 7:00am-7:30am, outside Keough House.


Jesus Uses Messed Up People, J.U.M.P. is a student-led church service that provides a platform for students to preach, share and discuss current issues. J.U.M.P. church is focused on building relationships within the College and community. There is a special emphasis on outreach, evangelism and discipleship which enables students to be intentional with various projects within the community.

Sabbath 4:00pm-6:00pm, Student Lounge, Murdoch Hall.


Newbold students travel to a church within the British Union Conference for the day and take the divine service. Typically our students will preach, share testimonies, special musical items and much more during that divine service to provide a taste of Newbold. This programme presents a tremendous opportunity for students to interact and share with a congregation and build relationships, which creates a link to that church and the College. Newbold on the Road will travel to a church twice a month and encourages as many students as possible to participate from the College.



We believe that prayer is an integral part of our spiritual growth. No prayer is ever unimportant or too small and it’s our privilege as the family of Christ to pray for each other. So if you have a need, you can submit a prayer at any time by contacting us.


Hello Sabbath is a programme made by students for anyone willing to experience a deep focus in their relationship with our Lord through prayer, music, reflective sermons and with the opportunity to fellowship with people during a calm and inviting refreshment moment in the cafeteria area. It invites everyone to kick-start Sabbath with God. Hello Sabbath belongs to a variety of programmes that Campus Ministries offers to all the College, Newbold Church and the local community. It is a great programme to bring your friends and family to so that together we might learn more about God’s love for us.


Newbold Church offers three services, two for families, and one contemporary service. There are also many Sabbath Schools to choose from.

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Sabbath School

Regular Sabbath School classes are also held at the same time at various locations around the College. The Department of Theological Studies runs a Sabbath School class at 10am on a weekly basis throughout the year in the Keough House Student Centre. Please see a church representative on the day or call Newbold Church on 01344 401792 for more information.


Alastair Agbaje


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