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Student Associations

Student Associations

The Newbold Student Association and their two societies provide an excellent opportunity for students to step outside their comfort zones and get involved in a wide range of sporting, cultural and community activities that interest them. These groups operate throughout the year both on and off campus.

Please note: Elections for the executives of the Newbold Student Association (NSA), the Newbold Business Student Society, and the Newbold Ministerial Society (NMS) are normally held during the second semester. If, in the future, you would like to get involved, speak with the relevant presidents of the association or societies.


The NSA exists to give students the opportunity to have a say in what kind of College experience they want. It provides a channel of communication between students, staff and external bodies while promoting cooperation among its members through social, cultural, academic, spiritual and sports activities.

The Newbold Student Association is the students’ own forum. All students are encouraged to be members of the association. The minimal membership fee can be paid on enrolment day.

Find out more about the Newbold Student Association.


The Newbold Business Student Society is open to all current Business students and organises and provides you with business-related social and educational activities that build on classroom learning, enable practical experiences, and provide opportunities for professional networking. Membership is free to Business students at Newbold.

Find out more about the Newbold Business Student Society.


The Newbold Ministerial Society exists to promote spiritual, academic and professional development amongst Theology students preparing for Christian ministry and service. It aims to foster an intelligent understanding of faith communities in general and of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in particular. Activities include mission and evangelism trips, professional seminars and skills-focused workshops. All Newbold Theology students are automatically members of the NMA, and non-Theology students may apply for membership.

Find out more about the Newbold Ministerial Society.


The Family Forum is the official body that represents the interests of the students and their families residing in Newbold Family Housing. It aims to promote family life on campus, to build community, and to communicate the wishes and concerns of residents to the College administration.

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