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Tell A Child, Tell the World 

An extensive resource for Children's Ministries Evangelism produced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the UK & Ireland.

Holiday Bible School Legal Requirements 


The GraceLink Bible Study Guides are an important resource in one of our most urgent and vital tasks: leading our children to Christ. The GraceLink curriculum offers our children a balanced emphasis, featuring Grace (Jesus loves me), Community (We love each other), Worship (I love Jesus), and Service (We love you, too).

Developed by the General Conference, GraceLink is a biblically based 12-year curriculum comprising of 624 lessons. Most lessons are story-based, some on scriptural references that teach a specific doctrine. Each story has been selected to develop one of the four dynamics of the GraceLink series: grace, worship, community, and service. 

To get the latest GraceLink Sabbath School Bible Study Guides, teacher resources, animations and puzzles visit the GraceLink Official Website here.

Bible Adventures for Young Readers

This Bible study set uses a creative kid-friendly approach to the 28 fundamental beliefs, which will introduce children to the pillars of our faith. With its easy-to-understand format and interactive approach, children will quickly grasp the concepts and have fun learning. An excellent resource, Bible Adventures for Young readers is perfect for Primary-aged children to study by themselves or with their parents, in preparation for baptism, in Sabbath Schools and Bible classes.

Adventist Fun-Da-Mentals

Often our 28 fundamental beliefs are explained in a way that is overly complicated or presented in an uninteresting way to children. Kid’s Ministry Ideas have created 28 creative infographic posters that are an excellent way to communicate the fundamentals beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to your children using 28 separate posters.

Kids in Discipleship for Teens

Kid for Teens is a series of 32 lessons – some with parents participating with teens, others with Teens interacting alone. You can do blocks of 8 lessons at a time.

They are full of innovative ideas, highly creative and most importantly exciting to use. Today’s Teens need to be ‘into’ things. At the same time, the Teens are being taught the basic truths of Christianity and the principles of discipleship.





KID for Teens Summary

General Links and Resources 

Children's Creation Celebration 

The resources below were used for a Children’s Sabbath a few years’ ago but can still be used now to help teach about creation. Please use the links below to obtain this material.

Cold-Case Chrisianity for Kids

Renowned cold-case homicide detective J Warner Wallace introduces children to the practice of Bible apologetics, the discipline of defending the Christian faith. Prepared for children between 8 and 12, Cold-Case Christianity for Kids will help young readers understand “how to think, not just what to think” as they examine their faith intelligently. The book includes author illustrations, and is supported by an interactive website. Cold-Case Christianity for Kids follows the same chapter sequence as the adult version of the book so that parents and children can discuss and explore the evidence together, chapter by chapter. Visit the Cold-Case Christianity for Kids website for more details.


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