Article 11 - Officers

  1. The Executive Officers of this Union Conference shall be a president, a secretary, treasurer and vice-president, if such is elected. The secretary and the treasurer may be one individual.

  2. The president is the chief executive officer and shall act as chairman of constituency meetings and the executive committee, and work in the general interests of the union as the executive committee may advise. In his leadership he shall adhere to the policies of the Trans-European Division of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and work in close counsel with the Trans-European Division Committee.

  3. The secretary shall work under the direction of the executive committee and shall act as vice-chairman of the executive committee. It shall be the duty of the secretary to keep the minutes of the union conference constituency meetings and of the executive committee meetings; to furnish copies of these minutes to all members of the executive committee and to the Division officers; to collect such data as may be desired by the president or by the executive committee; and to perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office.

  4. The treasurer shall work under the direction of the Executive Committee and in consultation with the other
    Executive Officers. It shall be the duty of the treasurer to receive all funds, to disburse them in harmony
    with the actions of the Executive Committee, to remit all required funds to the Trans-European Division, in
    harmony with Trans-European Division policy, and to render such financial statements at regular intervals
    as may be requested by the president or as prescribed by the Executive Committee of this Union
    Conference. Copies of these financial statements shall be furnished to the Trans-European Division

  5. The funds of this Union Conference, including all donations, grants, rents, contributions and bequests shall
    be paid into such accounts in the name of this Union Conference at such bank or banks as the Executive
    Committee shall from time to time approve and be operated by the treasurer and/or such other individuals
    as may be authorised by the Executive Committee.
  6. A vice-president may be elected to assist the president with specialised areas of administration in this
    Union Conference.
  7. All officers of this Union Conference shall hold office until the next regular session of this Union Conference or until their successors are elected, unless their appointments are previously terminated by this Union Conference in extraordinary session or by the Executive Committee.

Article 10 - Election | Article 12 - Departmental Directors 

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