Article 15 - Authority of Executive Committee

  1. Between sessions the Executive Committee shall manage the affairs of this Union Conference and may exercise such of the authority of this Union Conference in session as under this constitution are not exclusively exercisable by this Union Conference in session, but subject to this Constitution and any directions as to policy or otherwise and any regulations given or made by this Union Conference in session.

  2. In particular and without prejudice to the general authority conferred by Section (a), the Executive Committee may between sessions exercise the authority of this Union Conference in session under Article 8 with regard to the real and personal property and revenues therein referred to.

  3. The Executive Committee shall determine who are the approved ministers within the jurisdiction thereof, grant suitable credentials and licences to those who it shall consider suitable to serve in this Union Conference, and shall recommend for ordination or commissioning such persons as shall have given proof of their call to the ministry (in harmony with the policy of the General Conference). Any credentials, licences, or certificates granted or issued by the Executive Committee shall remain in force and be valid until the next regular session unless previously terminated by the Executive Committee.

  4. The Executive Committee between sessions, in counsel with the Trans-European Division officers, may remove from office, for just and adequate cause, any officer of this Union Conference or from the Executive Committee any member thereof, provided that such action has the consent of at least twothirds of the members of the full Executive Committee by personal vote.

Article 14 - Executive Committee | Article 16 - Meetings and Notices 

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  1. Article 1 - Name
  2. Article 2 - Territory
  3. Article 3 - Purpose
  4. Article 4 - Membership of Union Conference
  5. Article 5 - Sessions
  6. Article 6 - Delegates to Session
  7. Article 7 - Voting
  8. Article 8 - Authority of Session
  9. Article 9 - Session Committees
  10. Article 10 - Election
  11. Article 11 - Officers
  12. Article 12 - Departmental Directors
  13. Article 13 - Appointments
  14. Article 14 - Executive Committee
  15. Article 15 - Authority of Executive Committee
  16. Article 16 - Meetings and Notices
  17. Article 17 - Sources of Funds
  18. Article 18 - Application of Funds
  19. Article 19 - Budget, Salary Review & Audit
  20. Article 20 - Trustees
  21. Article 21 - Amendments
  22. Article 22 - Dissolution


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