Article 3 - Purpose

  1. The purpose of this Union Conference (hereafter referred to as "the Purpose") is to proclaim the everlasting Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to teach the commandments of God as the supreme rule of life and to persuade people to become His disciples and responsible members of the church and to support charitable work which is in harmony with the doctrines and principles of Seventhday Adventists.

  2. In furtherance of the Purpose but not further or otherwise this Union Conference shall have the following powers:
    1. to employ and remunerate such ministers, officers, teachers and other employees and to engage such volunteers as may be necessary;

    2. to provide or assist in the provision of housing accommodation for such employees and volunteers to enable them to carry out their duties, and in cases of need for retired employees and their families;

    3. to provide or assist (by means of grants, loans or otherwise) in the provision or improvement of churches and other buildings for use for the work of local congregations of Seventh-day Adventists;
    4. to establish, conduct and provide financial assistance for schools for the education of children in which religious instruction according to the doctrines and principles of the Seventh-day Adventists is given and to provide financial assistance to students pursuing education according to those doctrines and principles;

    5. to publish or assist the publication of religious literature;
    6. to carry out the social mission of the Gospel by the provision of humanitarian aid to those in need in any part of the world;

    7. to establish, operate and provide financial assistance for convalescent, retirement and nursing homes, conducted in accordance with the doctrines and principles of Seventh-day Adventists.

    8. to provide or assist in the provision of services and facilities (including buildings) for health education and medical treatments in harmony with the doctrines and principles of Seventh-day Adventists.
    9. to establish, assist or administer other charities having objects similar to the Purpose;

    10. to acquire and dispose of property of any description and wherever situated (subject to such consents as may be required by law);

    11. to borrow money with or without giving security (subject to such consents as aforesaid);

    12. to raise money by any lawful means other than by permanent trading and to accept gifts either for furtherance of the work of this Union Conference or for any specific object within or connected with the Purpose;
    13. to invest funds in any manner permitted by law, other than by means of loans to individuals, firms or private companies, and for that purpose to obtain and consider professional advice from a person or firm of good repute having the requisite knowledge and experience;

      to provide security for the liabilities of Seventh-day Adventist Association Limited incurred at the request of this Union Conference. Any such security shall be signed by at least two members of the Executive Committee as authorised by resolution.

    14. otherwise to further the religious mission and other charitable work of Seventh-day Adventists in the territory.

Article 2 - Territory | Article 4 - Membership of Union Conference 

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  1. Article 1 - Name
  2. Article 2 - Territory
  3. Article 3 - Purpose
  4. Article 4 - Membership of Union Conference
  5. Article 5 - Sessions
  6. Article 6 - Delegates to Session
  7. Article 7 - Voting
  8. Article 8 - Authority of Session
  9. Article 9 - Session Committees
  10. Article 10 - Election
  11. Article 11 - Officers
  12. Article 12 - Departmental Directors
  13. Article 13 - Appointments
  14. Article 14 - Executive Committee
  15. Article 15 - Authority of Executive Committee
  16. Article 16 - Meetings and Notices
  17. Article 17 - Sources of Funds
  18. Article 18 - Application of Funds
  19. Article 19 - Budget, Salary Review & Audit
  20. Article 20 - Trustees
  21. Article 21 - Amendments
  22. Article 22 - Dissolution


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