Article 5 - Sessions

  1. This Union Conference shall hold a regular session at an interval of five (5) years at such time and place as the Executive Committee shall determine. A notice of such session shall be published at least four (4) weeks before the time appointed in the Union Conference official paper.

  2. At least fifty-one percent (51%) of the authorised delegates must be present at any regular or extraordinary session to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

  3. In the event of conditions arising which would make it advisable to postpone the calling of a regular session, the Executive Committee may postpone such session for a period not exceeding two (2) years. In such a case this shall require the consent of at least two-thirds of the members of the Executive Committee expressed by personal vote or by signature to a resolution in writing submitted to the members of the Executive Committee. Separate copies of the resolution may be signed for this purpose.

  4. The Executive Committee may call an extraordinary session of this Union Conference at such a place as it deems proper, by a like notice as for regular sessions when:

    1. it is deemed necessary by the Executive Committee, or
    2. it is voted by the delegates at any regular session, or
    3. it is requested by the Trans-European Division executive committee.

    The transactions of such extraordinary sessions shall have the same authority as those of the regular sessions.

  5. An extraordinary session may elect any such officers or other persons or committees and transact any such business and do any such other act as under this constitution a regular session or the Executive Committee between sessions may elect, transact or do provided that the business transacted at an extraordinary session shall be only as provided for in the agenda issued with the publication of the notice of such session.

Article 4 - Membership of Union Conference | Article 6 - Delegates to Session 

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  1. Article 1 - Name
  2. Article 2 - Territory
  3. Article 3 - Purpose
  4. Article 4 - Membership of Union Conference
  5. Article 5 - Sessions
  6. Article 6 - Delegates to Session
  7. Article 7 - Voting
  8. Article 8 - Authority of Session
  9. Article 9 - Session Committees
  10. Article 10 - Election
  11. Article 11 - Officers
  12. Article 12 - Departmental Directors
  13. Article 13 - Appointments
  14. Article 14 - Executive Committee
  15. Article 15 - Authority of Executive Committee
  16. Article 16 - Meetings and Notices
  17. Article 17 - Sources of Funds
  18. Article 18 - Application of Funds
  19. Article 19 - Budget, Salary Review & Audit
  20. Article 20 - Trustees
  21. Article 21 - Amendments
  22. Article 22 - Dissolution


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