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  • Issue 41: The Intentional Family, Pr Les Ackie; "Keep Me Travelling Along With You" SEC Family Camp 2016, Michelle Daley
  • Issue 40: The Culture of Fear and the Call to Courageous Living, Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 39: Marital Conflict - There's A Blessing in the Storm, Pr Les Ackie; Mistakes Parents Make, Rosamund Farrell - Receptionist / Counsellor at Cornerstone Counselling Services
  • Issue 38: Forgiveness - The Permission to Heal, Pr Les Ackie; The Season of Singleness, Francesca Jackson
  • Issue 37: The Hand of God - The Goal of Life, Pr Les Ackie; SEC "Blended Hearts" Marriage Retreat,Anthea Barclay
  • Issue 36: The Transgender Dilemma, Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 35Where Are The Men? - A Perspective on Christian Masculinity, Pr Les Ackie 
  • Issue 34: Evangelism, Everyone, Everywhere - Connecting Lives for Eternal Living, Pr Les Ackie  Life After an Empty Nest, Willie & Elaine Oliver
  • Issue 33Five Reasons to Teach Your Children to Pray ! Pr Cyril Sweeney                                  The Gift of Presence ! Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 32: Children of Divorce -Helping Them Help Themselves ! Pr Jacques Venter
    SEC Couples ‘Keep Love Alive’ ! S J Pascall
  • Issue 31: Have You Counted the Cost? by Dr Richard De Lisser; Little Foxes by Pastor Jerry Smith; Lone Parent Camp Report by Samantha Lipyeat
  • Issue 30:The Silent Cry: The Pain of Infertility by Pr Les Ackie;General Conference Official Statement on Assisted Human Reproduction-Consideration;
  • Issue 29: Where is the Love? - A Plea for Compassion; Complicated Grief by Pr Barrington Brennen
  • Issue 28: When Does Discipline Become Abuse? by Pr Les Ackie; General Conference Official Statement on Abuse and Family Violence
  • Issue 27: Pastors Have Families Too by Pr Les Ackie; The Bible,Psychology and Christian Counselling by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 26: The Gift of Affirmation by Pr Willie Oliver;  Families That Play Together, Stay Together by Pr Les Ackie; Cohabitation: What’s the Problem? by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 25: When a Spouse is Spiritually Single by Pr Les Ackie;  Single, Saved and Satisfied by Pr Buford Griffith Jr
  • Issue 24: The Family: An Evangelistic Potential by Pr Les Ackie;  Children, the Lord’s Supper & Baptism by Pr Les Ackie; Adventists, Valentine’s Day and the Romantic Imperative by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 23: I Am Not Charlie by Pr Les Ackie;  A Call to Worship by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 22: Loneliness: The Silent Killer? by Pr Les Ackie;  The Observance of Christmas by Ellen G White
  • Issue 21: The Secret War: The Struggle with Pornography by Pr Les Ackie;  Tips and Resources for Overcoming Pornography
  • Issue 20: Retirement: Blessing or Curse? by Pr Barrington Brennen; Trick or Treat? Halloween and Seventh-day Adventists by Gerhard Phand; Don’t Wait for the Birds & the Bees by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 19: Domestic Violence: End It Now! by Pr Les Ackie; Family Violence: A Christian Response by Ron & Karen Flowers
  • Issue 18: What About Us? A Plea for Single Adult Ministry by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 17: Beyond Shame by Pr Les Ackie; Family Ministries: A Must for the Church Today by Pr Willie Oliver
  • Issue 16: The Crucial Role of Fathers by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 15: The Love Disconnect by Pr Les Ackie; Could You Be A Foster Carer?
  • Issue 14: No Sex Please, We’re Adventists by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 13: Seventh-Gay Adventists? by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 12: Divorce is Not the Answer by Pr Les Ackie; Growing Happy Children by Karen Holford
  • Issue 11: Single Seventh-day Adventists Online - For Real! by Anthony Nxumalo; Is Self-Esteem a Legitimate Concept? by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 10: Faith Begins at Home by Pr Les Ackie; The Bible, Psychology and Christian Counselling by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 09: The Enemy Within: The Dangers of Spiritual Abuse by Pr Les Ackie; TV or Not TV? by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 08: Who Comes to Your Church? by Pr Barrington Brennen; Look Before You Leap: The Crucial Role of Pre-Marital Counselling by Pr Les Ackie; Where is He? The Dilemma of Christmas by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 07: Couple Prayer: The Great Untapped Resource by Pr Les Ackie; Trick or Treat? Halloween and Seventh-day Adventists by Gerhard Phand; Leaving Children Home Alone
  • Issue 06: Addicts in the Church? by Pr Les Ackie; Pause for Thought
  • Issue 05: Guardians of a Stolen Portrait by Isha Prince; Same-Sex Marriage & Religious Liberty by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 04: Singles Ministry: Necessity or Non-Starter? by Annell Smith; Should Parents Physically Discipline Their Children? by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 03: Revival? What About the Family? by Pr Barrington Brennen; Why Do We Need Family Ministry? by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 02: Opposing Same-Sex Marriage: Why It Matters by Pr Les Ackie; How to Judge a Safe or Unsafe Relationship; Why Kids in Discipleship? by Pr Les Ackie
  • Issue 01: A Word of Welcome by Pr Les Ackie, Equal Civil Marriage: A Consultation; Ten Commandments of Constructive Confrontation; The Heart of Parenting


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