Mental Awareness and C.A.R.E

A Mental Wellness Handbook has been released to support churches in raising mental health awareness and encourage emotional healing and wellbeing.


C.A.R.E is an acronym for: C ompassionate A ction for the R estoration and E ncouragement of individuals. Recognising the need to address emotional wellbeing as a key aspect of our journey through life, CARE exists both as a supportive outlet for challenging times and a tool for encouragement. It is a network ministry which seeks to harness the support, understanding and skills of individuals and other agencies to assist those who are facing crisis and life challenges.

As part of the Mental Wellness Strategy recently launched by the BUC Health Ministries department, Sharon Platt-McDonald BUC Health Director developed the C.A.R.E network as a practical tool to aid individuals in offering a range of options and resources to enhance emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

There are three key aspects to C.A.R.E :

• prayer ministry (including prayer requests and testimonies to answered prayer)

• support ministry (including resources, and details of relevant referral agencies)

• affirmation cards (a range of inspirational cards to encourage and affirm individuals)

We invite you to visiti our C.A.R.E website and utilize the identified resources.

It is my prayer that as you access the resources from C.A.R.E. you will find direction, strength and comfort as you face life's challenges and assist others in doing so.


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