Funding of Programme Production

Wes_CameraAs stated above AMC-UK does not provide any funding to producers. Potential producers should therefore either fund projects themselves or seek funding from alternative sources. Funding may be available from Conference or Mission sources or, in certain cases, from evangelistic budgets. Areas or local churches may also be willing to use their funds to support worthwhile production projects.

In all cases broad support should be sought and approval gained from the funding bodies before a project is embarked upon. It would also be prudent to liaise with AMC-UK in order to ascertain whether or not a particular programme will be suitable for the Hope Channel.

Even if AMC-UK has given tentative approval for a project, it reserves the right to refuse to pass on the final product to the Hope Channel if it feels that the production has not met the required standards in terms of quality or content.

The final decision as to what is broadcast is of course down to the Hope Channel itself. Even if material is approved and recommended by AMC-UK it is no guarantee that it will be shown.

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