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Wes_Camera_action_2009All our current TV programme downloads are available direct from our Hope TV-UK website. These include a variety of programmes, some commissioned especially for the web.

We also have a small selection of other Mp3 Audio recordings.

Celebrating 50 years since Jamacian Independence we share an archive interview with Myrtle Roole MBE. This interview, from 1998 shares her motivation in communnity ministry and the real difference she has made.
Looking back 10 years. We take a look at the Eden Project, established in March 2001. This archive recording was made by Victor Hulbert just after it opened. The more mature project is still well worth a visit today.
Beech Lecture 2010 Rabbi Jonathan Romain discusses "The God Delusion" from a Jewish perspective with an audience at Newbold College.
Newbold Diversity Lecture with Pastor Don McFarlane discussing diversity with in the church in the UK and Ireland.
Follow the Bible Sabbath at Newbold Church Centre.
The late David Balderstone, former ADRA-UK transport manager shares why he felt impelled to help those in need in a very special way.
Nancy Van Pelt with tips on developing a successful marriage. A 55 minute seminar from the 2008 Stanborough Press Open Day.
Beijing Adventist Church. Richard Daly reports from the Olympics
Happy Birthday Gatwick Airport looking at the special role of chaplains in the world's busiest single runway airport as it celebrates its 40th birthday in June 2008.
World's worst invention. Can you guess what it is?
Where will you find the world's best read book?
History of the King James Version of the Bible.
Creation debate:
Professor Roy Peacock: 1) A brief History of Eternity, 2) Science and the Bible, 3) Personal testimony of an atheist Scientist.
Testimony from Geologist Elaine Kennedy. 1) Testimony, 2) Data and Interpretation. (See also our Creation page on the main website.)




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