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An Approach to Tithing Principle - presentation at the Lay Bible Workers Conference 2010.
SDAAM (Seventh-day Adventist Accounting Manual)- January 2009
Trust for Business Leaders PowerPoint Presentation (March 2009)
Budget Process PowerPoint Presentation (March 2009)
Fundraising for Church Buildings - Steve Okelo. PowerPoint Presented at Treasurers Conference Staverton (March 2009)
Fund Raising Ideas - Pdf Document Presented at Treasurers Conference Staverton (March 2009)
Offerings PowerPoint Presentation: 1.9mb
1 Corinthians 4 and Accountability PowerPoint Presentation: 132kb
Virtues of Giving PowerPoint Presentation: 173kb
Treasury magazine - released during February 2003. Twelve pages in pdf format. 
How tithe is used - single sheet .pdf document for easy reference

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