19 March 2017 - 2 April 2017

Dates of the Mission Trip: 19 March to 2 April 2017 

Deadline for Registering Interest: 2 December 2016

ADRA is organising a mission trip to Laos during the period 19 March to 2 April. 

Cost: £1300 per person, excluding flights. Currently return flights sell for approximately £800.

Flights will be booked in bulk so that those who go can benefit from a discount.

Spaces are available:

The Irish Mission has reserved 15 places for its members to this mission, but it is important for you to express an interest in this mission trip before 2 December 2016.

Each volunteer needs to raise the money for this trip. Some local churches might be prepared to help with a portion of the cost. The British Union/Irish Mission has also set some money aside to offer a little assistance. The bulk of the expense will have to be raised by the volunteer however.

How to Register:

To register your interest, please send an e-mail to and copy into the e-mail.

If there are not sufficient expressions of interest by the 2nd of December, the trip will not go ahead.

More Details of the Mission Trip:

The project will take place in Oudomxay, in a village called Namlien.

The project consists of playground construction, where a team (assisted by local labourers) will create a playground for children in order to help them play, exercise and learn life skills such as leadership, sharing, confidence, team work and so on. 

The thrust of the project will be medium manual labour, including digging, nailing, hammering, sawing, mixing cement etc. There will also be the final touches of painting the equipment.

There will also be a trip to other neighbouring villages, where volunteers will distribute play and sports equipment to children, with the same objective - to help them learn and develop social skills that will be essential to their daily life.



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