Fletewood School 100 Years

13 September 2019 - 15 September 2019

Friday Evening – 13 September

  • Festival of Stories over the Decades
  • Special Music and Favourite Assembly Songs
  • Mrs Gina Abbequaye – BUC Education Director – Vespers Thoughts

Sabbath – 14 September

  • Dedication Service
  • Centenary Picnic
  • Br Earle Ramharacksingh – BUC Treasurer and Long Standing Friend and Trustee of Fleetewood School - Speaker

Sunday – 15 September

  • Open Day
  • Themed Class Room Displays
  • Devon Cream Tea Picnic


Register or RSVP on Facebook: ‘Fletewood School Centenary’ or www.fletewoodschool.co.uk or call 01752 663782

We need stories of Fletewood over the decades for the Friday Evening part of the celebrations. If you are coming, and you are willing to share a story of your time as pupil, parent, or teacher at Fletewood School, please state your commitment on the Facebook or Fletewood School webpage or call Ps Clifford Herman on 07737407754


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