Reach Rwanda

22 August 2019 - 1 September 2019

The Hackney young people are on a mission to 'Reach Rwanda’ this summer!! They are seeking to reach 1000 people through:

- Building a playground for nursery children at Ngoma SDA Primary school

- Purchasing a water tank for Ngoma SDA Primary school

- Sponsoring a child’s education

- Sponsoring individuals with yearly health insurance for £3 per person

- Joint outreach ventures with the Rwandan SDA youth to sing, preach and REACH RWANDA!

 Sound interesting?.Perhaps you’d also like to put on an event, donate a day’s wage and donate the funds raised to the Reach Rwanda project…..??

Perhaps you work in a school and would like to donate scholastic materials such as posters, visual aids and materials….??


Perhaps you’d like to set up a Direct Debit to sponsor a child’s education, donate health insurance, donate scholastic materials or even sponsor a young person to be able to attend this trip, contact:

Michaela Mathieu-Marius on for further details.


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