Why All the Chaos? Revelation Seminar

4 August 2019 - 30 August 2019
WHEN: 7:30pm at 9:00pm every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday throughout August Join us for an exciting Bible study adventure, as we explore some age-old questions about the state of the world today, and discover what hope we have for the future. Have you ever wondered why we live in a world of escalating troubles? As one problem appears to be solved, three more take its place. With humanityĆ¢?s vast range of knowledge and technology, why are we unable to solve our problems? History reveals that civilization has progressively grown worse. Why? What has led up to todays conditions? How and why did this come to be? Will it always be this way? Will it get worse? The answers to these and other questions are revealed in the pages of the Bible. God has not been silent about the problems facing humanity. Come and join us for a Bible study adventure where we'll explore what God says about the problems facing humanity and what hope we have for the future. Register now for free on Eventbrite at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/why-all-the-chaos-revelation-seminar-tickets-66128463013

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