Peace Garden Official Opening

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Event Name Peace Garden Official Opening
Start Date 21st Sep 2016 11:00am
End Date 21st Sep 2016 12:30pm
Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes

On 23 May 1916, sixteen brave young men from Stanborough Missionary College were conscripted into the 3rd Eastern Non Combatant Corps. Holding fast to their beliefs, and despite giving good, non-combatant service, in November 1917 they were court-martialled and sentenced to six-months hard labour for their refusal to work on Sabbath. They were among 130 Seventh-day Adventist conscripts and up 20,000 other CO's who chose an alternative route to that of violence.

One hundred years later, on the International Day of Peace, this garden will be dedicated to their memory. It is a living tribute to all those many who have stood for peace in wars past and present, for those who seek peace in the turmoil and daily stresses of modern life, and for those who seek a moment of ‘Sabbath rest’ in the beauty and tranquillity of a garden.

All are welcome to attend the short service followed by light refreshments in the church hall.

For more background to the Peace Garden see a BUCnews release.  For information and resources on Seventh-day Adventists and the First World War visit our dedicated web page.


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