Business Show

Event Name Business Show
Start Date 20th Aug 2017 11:00am
End Date 20th Aug 2017 5:00pm
Duration 6 hours

The business show  to be held at the Balham church on 20/08/17, 11am-5pm is being put on to:

• To bring business owners together to showcase their business/products
• To give advice & share experiences
• To motivate and encourage others who would like to start their own business but do not know how or where to begin.
• To encourage young people in particular, to use their God given potential, skills and abilities to work for Him & for them, especially at his time of economic uncertainty.
• Give attendees the opportunity to network with others.
• Listen to motivational speakers who will provide & share information.
• One of our key speakers will be Deborah Harris (ASI)
• Register for free business courses.

To register for the event please call on: 07949244722 or email:


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