TED Master Guide Camp 2017

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Event Name TED Master Guide Camp 2017
Start Date 23rd Jun 2017
End Date 26th Jun 2017
Duration 4 days

Come watch the midnight sun and improve your pathfinder leadership skills, while experiencing Arctic Norway!

  • Learn new skills
  • Experience practical and helpful workshops
  • Participate in inspiring workshops

Sommerfryd is a campsite located in the north of Norway, just 2 hours from the city of Tromsø. You will experience the unique nature of the Arctic Circle, the high mountains of the North of Norway and the fjords that the coast of Norway is famous for. Some of the skills you will learn here can not be learnt any other place in Europe. And you will earn the Midnight Sun Pathfinder Honour.

The speakers will inspire and give you ideas to take back to your Pathfinder groups. Gry Beate Marley is the Family Ministries Director in Norway. Andrew Campbell is pastoring at the Adventist Church in Tromsø.  

DATES: 23-26 June 2017

PRICE:  £70

WEBSITE: https://youth-adventistchurch-org-uk.adventist.eu/ted-master-guide-camp-2017


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