U3: You to the Power of 3

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Event Name U3: You to the Power of 3
Start Date 10th Apr 2017 6:30pm
End Date 22nd Apr 2017 8:30pm
Duration 12 days and 2 hours

U3 will take you through a series of nightly meetings designed to help you reflect on your own personal relationship with Christ, deepening your understanding of the gospel and how to be effective co-laborers with God.

Michael & Paul are a dynamic duo from New York City who are passionate about sharing the faith of Jesus. Through their own personal ministries they have collaborated to produce various learning experiences that have impacted the lives of many. This has included projects such as a School of the Prophets, DC Evangelism and Medical Missionary training as well as their own YouTube channels where they’ve built relationships with people all around the world. 


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