Lineage Page

Lineage is a series of online video series launched by the NEC Youth Department. The goal of this series is to connect us today with our spiritual heritage and understand where we come from as a people and create an  awareness of this excellent resource and suggest some ways that it can be utilised. 

This video series is released weekly with a new video coming out online every Wednesday evening via Youtube and Facebook. The video series is following a chronological journey from Constantine in the 4th century to around the year 1800. It includes episodes on reformers such as John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, John Calvin and groups such as the Waldenses and Albigensian's and how our history today is connected to the different parts of the reformation. 

The series was launched in January 2017 and each video is only 3-5 minutes long and all of them are filmed on site with stunning videographery.

You can access the video’s online at: