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Godinterest.co.uk, the Christian response to Pinterest reveal's a growing community, which couldn’t be any different with a higher purpose.

For those who love the social media site Pinterest but want to share within a Christian environment the brand new Godinterest.co.uk could be a safe family friendly Christian alternative.  A new online photo-sharing platform which strives to have Christian content, the site has been developed by Dean Jones a devoted Seventh-day Adventist Christian and member of Welling church.

Jones, a 35-year-old Project Manager from London said, "We are a Christian social net-working website and are mindful of the values that we as Christian's are bound by. God is the creator, his creation is not only humans but extends further than we can imagine. Godinterest will enable our users to capture elements of life from different points a view."

Godinterest.co.uk has a variety of photos and encourages users with this directive: "Be inspired in your walk with Jesus Christ and grow in your knowledge of the Bible with photos that capture Gods World."

This Christian alternative will allow people to post photos within a Christian environment that disallows ill-mannered language and distasteful images.

Jones adds, "Pinterest is no doubt one of the leading social media sites that allows users to share things they like largely through images and discover other things that other users are interested in. However, the posts on Pinterest are not always guaranteed to be family friendly or suitable for the whole family. Godinterest.co.uk is a platform for sharing and discovering that we hope will provide an additional cushion of safety."

With many ways to interact with other Christians, whether current or new friends, Godinterest.co.uk offers an environment for users to enjoy features similar to that of Pinterest. Strangely, however, the only way to presently join Godinterest is by using an existing Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account.

Jones said "We know that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn already have a huge Christian base and we want to capitalise on this by making it easier for existing users of these social media to register on Godinterest.co.uk"

Free registration includes access to all of the website's features, including sharing images with friends and following friends' updates.

Jones said "Godinterest.co.uk is also all about putting God's interest first in your life. Creating the website seemed like the obvious and right thing to do, we've actually had this idea in mind for a number of years, however, we've watched and disappointingly, nobody else has successfully stepped up to the play, so were ready and more than winning to give it a shot. I see this as a ministry and to that degree, non-Christians are most welcome. However, Christianity is not up for debate."

For more information visit http://godinterest.co.uk or connect on Facebook or Twitter.

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