21st January 2016

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JH LONG MARCHThursday, 21 January, 8:30 pm ‒ Revelation TV (repeated Sunday, 24 January, 1:00 pm). Discover the life of Messenger Editor, Pastor Julian Hibbert. Find the courage of his father on 'the long march' as a German prisoner of war at the end of WW2, and how his humanity then passed onto his son today.

Thursday, 28 January, 8:30 pm ‒ Revelation TV (repeated Sunday, 31 January, 1:00 pm). A fan of C S Lewis since picking up his book, Mere Christianity during her student days, Debbie Higgens now serves as on-site director and warden for 'The Kilns', the Oxford home where Lewis spent the last twenty years of his life. It was the simplicity of Mere Christianity that appealed to Debbie; as well as Mere Christianity, Lewis is best known for his children's series, The Chronicles of Narnia, and for The Screwtape Letters. All three, she says, are very powerful representations of the gospel. They are DRAGONS CS LEWISalso a very approachable reintroduction, she says quoting Lewis, "Stealing past the watchful dragons", for those who have been turned off Christianity in the past. "He flips it and says, 'look at it in a different way'."

If you are a fan of C S Lewis, or perhaps want to learn more about the Christian witness of his books you can discover more from Debbie Higgens here. We also covered the 50th anniversary of his death in an earlier edition of BUC News.

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