20th April 2017

Easter Sunday was the final day of the door-to-door fundraising as part of the ADRA-UK 2017 Annual Appeal and many churches used the occasion to 'gather' much-needed funds on the doorsteps. However, church members became involved in a variety of other activities throughout the dedicated three-week period.

The North IMG_0820Wembley church held their 'Tunes From the Front Room' concert, updating the gospel songs of the 50s, 60s and 70s originally sung by Jim Reeves, etc. and modernising them to engage a contemporary generation. Over £550.00 was raised from this event. "I am delighted that we not only had a great evening, engaging both old and young, we also raised money to help people in need," said Antonio Belgrave, Ingathering Agent, "I look forward to hosting this event again."

The sound of splashing water was the music that was heard in the Cuckoo Hall Lane, the home of Edmonton church, as for two weeks of the campaign, they organised a 'free' car wash with donations all going to ADRA-UK. "We have been running this car wash for several years now," said Terence McKenzie-Cook, now a seasoned 'car-washer', "and it's not only a good opportunity not only to raise funds for ADRA-UK but to mingle with the community."

While some washed, others held other outreach activities. Eugenie Burton, azumba fitness guru, held several Zumba classes, one outside of Ilford town hall on 2 April, raising nearly £200 for ADRA-UK. "It's a pleasure to be able to raise funds for ADRA-UK by doing what I love and helping other people to get fit", said Eugenie reflecting on the event.

[Catherine Boldeau]


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