50th Wedding Anniversary Celebrated in London Ghana

25th April 2019

A couple at the London Ghana church, Elder and Mrs Ofori Asante have reaffirmed their marriage vows after 50 years of union at a colourful event at the church.

84738Sabbath, 20 April also saw a newly married young couple, Amos and Ivy Jesse also formally introduced to the church after their wedding on 7 April this year.

The occasion, which is the second in the church, in four years, was attended by a huge number of people including non-Adventists from around the UK and Ghana.

Education Director of the South England Conference (SEC) Mrs Gina Abbequaye representing the President, Pastor Emmanuel Osei, emphasised the need for Adventist Christians to recognise and honour marriage as an ordained and divine institution.

She said marriage is a union of two children of God coming together as one and who are also committed to Him as well as to the spouse. This, she noted, must be entered into only between a man and a woman who share a common faith.

She was of the view that mutual love, honour, respect, and responsibility are the fabric of any relationship blessed by God. According to him such must be a true reflection of love, sanctity, closeness, and permanence of the relationship between Christ and His church.

Mrs Abbequaye commended the couple for their high sense of commitment and dedication towards their union and encouraged young couples in the church to emulate the enviable feat of Eder and Mrs Ofori Asante.

Preaching the sermon, the Head Pastor of London Ghana church, Pastor George Boakye Asiama, noted that even though some Adventists have not been able to sustain their marriages, those who have genuinely committed their relationships to God and to each other in the relationship, will always succeed as the Lord would be with them.84739

He warned church members who were contemplating to divorce to reconsider their decision, as God is not pleased with divorce.

Mrs Abbequaye presented a citation signed by the Conference President to the couple after which they expressed their gratitude to the Conference for the recognition and to the church members for their support.

Elder Ofori Asante, a lawyer and Aisha, a midwife, later hosted church members, work colleagues, neighbours and family members to a dinner on a floating boat in east London.

[Nana Sifa Twum]


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