Adventist Students Explore Meaning of a Deeper Faith

20th March 2019

84130The Keele ASC Society Genuine Faith Campaign was a 3-day series that took place on  28 Feb - 2 March at the Keele University campus. It all began as the students at Keele University wanted to explore what it means to have a deeper and more genuine relationship with God.

On Thursday their guest speaker Asher McKenzie spoke to them about the transfiguration of Jesus, and how although the disciples worshipped Him, some doubted. They saw how doubt can be experienced even by those with great faith, and Asher's testimonies also demonstrated that an increase in faith comes by tasting and seeing that the Lord is good.

Friday was all about Elijah and how he also doubted despite God working astonishing miracles through him. They read how God 84131led Elijah through the places where he had worked miracles before. This showed them that it is important to remember what God has done for us in the past, because if He did it before, He can do it again.

On Sabbath, they explored the faith of various Bible characters and they were also blessed with touching testimonies. During Sabbath School, they discussed what it means to have faith and how we can deepen our faith and relationship with God. Soon after this, Asher gave a sermon on King David who was a man after God's heart, but also a man who was flawed. They learned that despite our mistakes, our sins and doubts, God's love is continuously poured out to us. It served as a reminder that even those with genuine faith are not perfect, and that we don't have to be perfect to chase after the heart of God.

The students also enjoyed food provided by local church members who were kind enough to cook and provide everyone, with 84132equipment to feed our ASC members and guests. The Keele ASC committee were joined by ASC societies from other universities, as well as regular ASC members, Keele students, local church members, and other Christian groups from Keele. During the afternoon service, everyone was free to share a testimony of how the Lord had been good to them.

The testimonies shared by students and non-students encouraged us to have faith that God has good plans for us despite what we may be going through.

Overall, we could tell that the Holy Spirit worked through everyone to bring us a word of encouragement and hope, and for this, we praise God.

[Adam Ramdin]


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