Area 1 Youth Day with a Difference

2nd August 2019


On Sabbath 27 July the young people of Area 1, which consists of Cornwall and Devon, wanted to do youth day differently. Rather than staying indoors as has been done on many previous youth days, the decision was made to go out and worship in a different manner.

Everybody attended their local churches in the morning and fellowshipped there and had lunch. We then arranged to86906 meet at a place in Plymouth called Jennycliff in the afternoon. As everyone gathered from Cornwall and Devon in the little car park there was a buzz of excitement and lots of happy greetings. Psalms 89:11 says, "The heavens are Yours; the earth also is Yours; The world and all it contains, You have founded them."

We stepped outside the walls of our worship places and walked into the creation of God. One of the instructions attached to the 4th commandment on the Sabbath, is the concept of remembering our Creator, God who made us, God who made the heavens and the earth. We as humankind have often taken little heed to the responsibility God has placed on us to respect and 86907care for and help flourish what He has created.

Therefore, out worship day consisted of us picking up litter grabbers and a bunch of bin liners and giving God the glory in gathering up the rubbish that was defacing the beauty of God's creation. Call it repentance, or call it a service, but it was beautiful. Many people were met along the way who gave words of encouragement and86908 many a thank you. An hour and a half and several bags full of rubbish later we walked back to the cars with a feeling that in this small part of the earth we had brought some liberation to creation.

The rest of the day saw us meeting to have food together before retiring to the spacious living room for what we have come to call a 'Worship Jam' where we sang praises to our Creator and the Maker of all until it was time for 86909those from Cornwall to head home. The presence of God was felt that day and the energy in the room was uplifting and precious. As an Area we look forward to more opportunities to worship God in this manner in the future for it is all for God's glory.

[Stephen Hulbert]


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