BBC Three Counties Radio Interview with Wycombe Community Church

14th February 2019

It was an honour for Joel Williams, a church member from Wycombe Community Church to be invited by BBC 83526Three Counties Radio to speak on the Edward Adoo Show. It was to talk about homelessness in High Wycombe and a group of churches coming together to support homelessness. One of those churches who opened their doors to help rough sleepers was Wycombe Community Church. The Wycombe Homeless Connection (WHC), a registered charity that tackles homelessness in High Wycombe was also invited including an ex-service user to raise awareness on homelessness.

BBC Three Counties Radio took a keen interest in an article published in the Bucks Free Press local newspaper regarding Wycombe Community Church helping the homeless. This same story was also published in BUC News and mentioned on the 60sec News.

Laura, who was once homeless, shared her life experience living in a hostel. Laura has since been given permanent accommodation. She has completed an Access to Higher Education Course in Health and Social 83529Sciences and was awarded student of the year for the best diploma. Laura is now studying Criminology in the hope of becoming a Probation Officer to help other people who have been in similar situations to her and to get back on their feet. Laura is also volunteering at WHC.

James Boultbee, WHC Operations Manager had the privilege to discuss the running of WHC Night Shelter for the homeless and how they go about to tackle homelessness. James mentioned that a lot of social housing needs to be built in order to solve homelessness.

Joel Williams, co-ordinator for Wycombe Community Church took the opportunity to discuss how Wycombe Community got involved in this project. Joel also commented on the solution to solve homelessness. He said, "it would be better to use the empty buildings habitable to house the homeless to prevent them from sleeping rough on the streets."

83527Edward Adoo, broadcaster for BBC Three Counties Radio said he was impressed with all churches coming together. He said, "we live in crazy times where religion divides us for the best and worst reasons, but this, in particular, has brought everyone together in High Wycombe to support the homelessness."

For the seventh year running, Wycombe Community Church became a haven in supporting and providing the homeless with warm beds and hot meals during the bleakest months from January until March. Seven other local churches also support WHC and host the homeless in their own churches in High Wycombe.

See link to newspaper article.

[Sonia Lee]


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