BUC Education Director Farewell Lunch

28th June 2019

On Wednesday 5 June 2019, staff held a special lunch and gathered together to formally bid farewell to Kathleen Hanson, who was leaving the British Union Conference (BUC) on 24 June. Kathleen has worked within Adventist Education for 24 years in various roles which have included that of Teacher, Deputy and Headteacher. She has a great passion and vision for the work and has achieved much during her time as Education Director. All who work with Kathleen will testify to her professionalism and commitment to excellence. Speaking of Kathleen's time in office, BUC President Ian Sweeney said, "I would like to thank Kathleen for her high quality of leadership and dedication. She has gone beyond the call of duty in her work and has raised the bar in establishing firm educational policies within the BUC." John Surridge (Executive Secretary) expressed his appreciation, by saying, "Kathleen's work ethic in the office has been an inspiration to us all and will be greatly missed" and Earl Ramharacksingh (Treasurer) thanked Kathleen for her "immense work" and encouraged her to continue utilising the "awesome talents that God had entrusted to her."

"I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to serve the Church in this capacity", said Kathleen "and to have contributed to raising the profile of Adventist Education within the British Union Conference. Representatives are now established within the various regions and our understanding of the educational needs within the organisation has broadened to include home education, supplementary schools and lifelong learning for all. Training leaders and Ministers across our churches in effective teaching and learning has been a welcome opportunity, providing good potential to impact long-term change.

"The work within our educational institutions has remained the focus of the department. Priorities have been to ensure the preservation of the Adventist identity and ethos, whilst ensuring that we offer an education which is relevant to our pupils in the 21st Century. Our educators work tirelessly to ensure that Adventist Education continues to offer a wholistic experience and curriculum, preparing pupils for this life of service and the life to come. I would encourage us to continue to lift our educators in prayer, as they lay 'the treasure of good foundations for the future so they (the pupils) may take hold of that which is life indeed' (1 Timothy 6:19).

"We are blessed to have some experienced leaders within our schools and it has been a privilege to work with our Headteachers on policies and the implementation of new initiatives. The department has maintained its commitment to excellence and has continuously provided a range of carefully selected training for governors, senior leaders, subject leaders and teachers, ranging from assessment to performance management, to curriculum development training, all evaluated for quality and impact. In addition, leaders have had the opportunity to reflect on their own spiritual growth and personal development through training on values, emotional intelligence and well-being.

"Going forward, as we align the vision and develop strong systems and processes that promote efficiency and facilitate change, underpinned by prayer and unwavering faith in God, we can further realise and achieve our goals. We can help our young people to develop confidence and skills that will position them well for their journey ahead. Adventist Education is concerned not just with the acquisition of knowledge, but with developing a relationship with God which in turn equips with the wisdom and discernment necessary to make good life decisions (Philippians 1:9-10).

"I feel blessed to have worked with some wonderful colleagues at the BUC and I have also appreciated the support of several individuals who have given freely of their time and expertise, to work with me on various projects. Let us continue to support the work of the Education Department and that of my successor, Gina Abbequaye, as she prepares to take up this role. We give God thanks for all that is and is to come."

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