BUC Induction for New and Transitional Ministers

31st January 2019

The British Union Conference (BUC) Ministerial department under the directorship of Pastor Eglan Brooks, held five days of training designed to better equip ministers for ministry within the UK and Ireland. Held at 83295the BUC board room from Sunday 20th to Thursday 24th January 2019, 22 ministers from across the Union were in attendance.

The main aim of the induction was to bring across the ethos of the Adventist Church in the BUC for ministers recently coming from overseas, different Conferences, and new ministers starting in their districts.

Presentations were given by various departmental leaders within the Union, Conferences and institutions, on topics such as Maintaining Spirituality, Personal Health, Safeguarding, Handling a Crisis, the Pastor's Family, Church Finances and Operational Procedures of the Adventist Church. 83296

Eglan Brooks shared with the ministers the desire to see them adapt to the British culture and to develop effective pastoral tools to grow in their ministerial calling to be effective workers.

The comprehensive schedule began from 9:30 am each morning with devotion and personal testimonies from ministers highlighting God's direction in their lives. Presentations then continued throughout the day until 5:00 pm.

83297At the close, commenting on the programme, Winsome Brown-Baadjes, from the North England Conference said, "I never thought I would last five days of training but it's been really inspiring and educational. I have learnt a lot about ministry from a practical basis and skills that I believe will help me become a better Christian."

Watch this video showing some of the highlights:


All ministers across the BUC can now look forward to a Ministerial Council held from 3-6 May 2019 based on nurture and renewal.

[Richard Daly]


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