Budding Writers Succeed in Being Published

15th March 2019

Last Thursday 7 March was World Book Day. The emphasis each year is always on getting more people to read and appreciate a variety of book genres. It's also a platform to encourage writers to express themselves in print. Two people within the British Union Conference rose to this challenge.

One such person is Janelle Pamphile who shares a message of courage, hope and perseverance to help others find the strength to never give up. Her book is entitled Pain Passes but the Beauty Remains Forever. Janelle's childhood was not ideal. Her father was an alcoholic, and as in many families of an alcoholic this unfortunately led to domestic abuse, so she knows intimately the devastating effect this can have. Now she does her part to bring awareness to these issues, and to help those in need.

"Too few people talk about domestic abuse and honour-based violence. With two women dying every week in the UK due to domestic violence, and an estimated 2.1 million men and women suffering domestic abuse in the UK, these statistics should be a more prominent topic in society," say Janelle.

Janelle courageously uses her father's 'mess' as a message to help others and is of the belief that people can go through painful84042 experiences in their lives and still find the strength to transform their lives to help others. She has been invited to speak at parliament and was part of a prison ministry at her church, a means of encouraging inmates to also see that this does not have to be the end of their story.

Today she is 'the people's champion' in her community of Harlesden and supports families affected by addiction and domestic violence where she is well known and respected. Janelle is proof that you don't have to allow adversity to hold you down in life, you have a fascinating and inspiring destiny awaiting you.

The84020 second new author is Judith Makaniankhondo from the Newbold church. Judith wrote the book entitled Happy Birthday Vana to give to her daughter Vana as her 6th birthday present which was on 1 March 2019. Her book centres around recollections of her daughter 84022Vana's 5th birthday on themes surrounding beauty, celebration and contentment.

Judith recalls "when I read the book at the library on World Book Day, the children were captivated and engaged with me, they also spoke about birthdays (one child talked about dad's recently celebrated birthday) and special things about their lives, others 84024shared about the pets they had at home. I was happy that the book had this effect.

"There at the library was a lady called Lauren who is a local childminder, she said she was pleased with the realism of the book, the idea of real photos and also the book brought the themes of multiculturalism, and how it had pictures of things children could relate to.

"I want to thank the many people who supported this book project including the Bracknell Forest Libraries for the opportunity to launch there especially on such a significant day in the life of an author ‒ on World Book Day."

Judith also had the privilege to have her story published in the local Bracknell News.

[Richard Daly]


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