Children Set The Standard for ADRA Fundraising

5th July 2019

At Derby Bethel Adventist church, our success story of raising money hinged squarely on the spirit that our children showed throughout the ADRA Annual Appeal. After a rather dispiritingly poor run in the last few Appeals, we looked around and within for something special to help improve our fundraising campaign. However, we did not expect the answer to come through the younger generation of the church and as a result, we got more than what we bargained for.

The children set the standards, showing immediately after volunteering for the Coin Cards that it can be done ‒ and very easily. With the Appeal starting on Sabbath 30 March, the next Sabbath (6 April), the youngest of our collectors aged 2 years, had filled up all the slots on his Coin Card; an incredible £12 in a week to help ADRA to change lives. This set the ball rolling and helped to motivate other children to take part.

On subsequent Sabbaths several children were bringing some incredible amounts of donations through the same process. In total 27 cards from 26 under 16s (one child had two cards) were all filled up, raising a total of £324.

Aside from the money collected, the children had also motivated the adults who took up the challenge amazingly well. In total £2,359.42 was raised, directly as a result of the influence of the children, whose spirit of enthusiasm and commitment overflowed to the whole church. Bethel church has not been happier.

[Nebson Dube]


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