Core of Adventism 2019

24th May 2019

The Core of Adventism has firmly become established as an annual event in the calendar of churches around the British Union 85339Conference (BUC). The programme, now in its 13th year of operation, aims to promote some of the key doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church such as the Sanctuary, the State of the Dead, the Sabbath, the Second Coming, and the Spirit of Prophecy. Held from 11-18 May, this year there was a special emphasis on the family and the Sabbath.

As in the past, numerous churches took part with over twenty-five overseas speakers joining forces with pastors in 35 churches around the BUC, revealing the development and growth this annual event has become. Included in the churches involved were the Glasgow district in Scotland, Swansea in the Welsh Mission and the remaining between the North and South England Conferences.

Many churches held baptisms on the last Sabbath resulting in a combined total of 25 new members and several more signing up for Bible studies.

The event planned and coordinated by Dr Kirk Thomas and his Core of Evangelism committee, involved Conference and Mission Evangelism directors and sponsors, Area coordinators and host pastors.

Here is a list of the speakers and venue



1.     Willesden

Brent St Jean/Dr Errol Liverpool

2.     Holloway – Youth core

Michael Polite

3.     Ilford Central/Ps Mbrani

Claudio Consuegra

4.     Swansea District


5.     Glasgow Central

Curtis Fox

6.     Greenwich

Mark Braithwaite

7.     Reading Ghana

Dolston  Morian

8.     Reading West

David Defoe

9.     Southall

Danny Philip

10.  High Wycombe Community

Alban Francis

11.  North Wembley

Cryston Josiah

12.  Cambridge

Nicola English

13.  Peterborough Central

John Wilmott

14.  Grays

Kerry Kerr

15.  Newbold International

Sydney Gibbons

16.  Brixton

Alphod Sinclair

17.  Camp Hill

Jeff Brown

18.  Stratford

Keith Morris

19.  Luton Central

Ian Sweeney and Janos Kovac-Biro

20.  Hayes Maranatha

Ndwiga Kigundu

21.  Chiswick

Abraham Henry

22.  Filipino International

Colin Bacchu

Prior to the Core meetings, ministers were given a 'back to spiritual basics' period of training and biblical residential teaching which took place from 3-5 May at De Vere Venue DSCN5157Denham Grove. The purpose of the residential is to keep ministers in tune with current biblical thinking and how contemporary issues compare to the core values and teachings of the Church. It is an event greatly appreciated by pastors who desire to seek greater clarity on how to address teachings that may creep into the Church which lack biblical accuracy and challenge mainstream teaching. Overseas speakers of the event which saw up to 80 ministers in attendance.85338

BUC Evangelism director Pastor Kirk Thomas speaking of the event said, "The Core is getting bigger and reaching more churches with each year and because evangelism is the heartbeat of the church, when it is combined through these meetings [The Core] churches become equipped with sound biblical teaching that reinforces our Adventist beliefs and galvanises us to reach out to others with the truth."

We look forward to further events and conferences that will be put on by the Evangelism department throughout the coming months.

[Richard Daly]


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