Death of Ivan Karpinskyj

25th April 2019

Born on 17th August 1927 in Topilnycia, south-east Poland (now south-west Ukraine) Ivan was the youngest of 5 siblings and was 12 years old when the Second World War broke out. As a young boy of 16, Ivan was captured and sent to labour camps in Germany. By God’s grace, Ivan survived this horrific ordeal.

After liberation, Ivan travelled and settled in England, and initially made London his home. Whilst making a new life for himself, evangelistic meetings were taking place in the heart of the capital city, and Ivan was impressed to attend lectures on the Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation advertised at the New Gallery Centre, in Regent's Street. In time, Ivan accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour and on 23rd May 1953, at the age of 26, he was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church and worshipped at the London Central church. Soon after, in 1956, he spent a short time working at the Hydro Sanitarium at Stanborough Park, Watford.

Ivan married his pen pal from Poland, Janina Soliwoda, in 1961. Out of this commitment one son and six daughters were born: Simon, Elizabeth (deceased), Lilla, Hania, Mary, Kalyna and Primrose (deceased). Three daughters went on to work for the Adventist Church organisations: Elizabeth at the SEC; Lilla at the BUC, TED, SEC and currently at ARM; and Mary, at Stanborough Primary School and presently the BUC.

Ivan qualified as a psychiatric nurse, and the family established themselves in the city of St Albans.  Ivan was a founding member of the St Albans Seventh-day Adventist church, which met in various locations within the city, until the current church was built and dedicated in 1981.

Unfortunately, life with Janina wasn’t to be. In his retirement, Ivan would often go to Ukraine and visit the Adventist Church in Lviv, and sometime later he met Tereza, who he married in 2000. They shared 19 happy years together until his passing.

Ivan often spoke of his Saviour and loved to share the good news of the gospel, taking every opportunity to relay the message of Christ’s Second Coming – often frequenting “Preachers’ Corner” in Hyde Park over the years. He spoke of the blessed hope of heaven and eternal life and eagerly awaited the time when he would walk and talk with Jesus face to face.

Ivan fell asleep in Jesus on 12th March 2019.  The funeral service was officiated by Pastor Nathan Stickland and took place on 3rd April at the St Albans Adventist church followed by committal at Hatfield Road Cemetery where he awaits Christ’s return and the glorious resurrection day. 

Come, Lord Jesus. Come quickly!

[Hania Karpinska]


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