Fletewood School Centenary Celebrations – 13-15 September 2019

18th January 2019

In 1971 Joyce Hill, one of Fletewood School's famous patrons wrote:

"In March 1919 Pastor Campbell (Conference President) and Elder Wakeham (Principal of Stanborough College) visited with the church in Plymouth to discuss the practical issues in opening a church school for the twenty or so children in the church family. A few men led the influences in pressing for a church school, but the church was in full agreement with their ideals, for at this meeting £125 was pledged by the membership in support of the venture. There must have been much praying and planning, because Monday, 15 September, 1919, became the historic opening for eighteen Adventist pupils in the second church school to be started in the British Isles."

100 years later the Plymouth School, that became Fletewood School, Fletewood-Logo-2-002is as strong as ever.

On the weekend of 13-15 September 2019, Fletewood School supported by Plymouth Adventist church will be celebrating 100 years; and we are inviting all alumni past and present; teachers, administrators and students who have been part of the school over the last century. Please send details and when you or a relative of yours were a student, teacher or staff at the school.

To make the event more memorable and auspicious we are requesting as much information, like names of headmasters, teachers, including any stories, pictures, memorabilia anyone may have. If anyone has anything Fletewood related, please contact the school via our website:

www.fletewoodschool.co.uk or call the school on +44 (0)1752 663782.

For details of the Weekend Centenary Celebrations watch this space or continuously check our website.

[Clifford Herman]


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