Messenger 21 June

20th June 2019

MESSENGER 12 – 21 June

  • It’s 100 years since Stanborough Schools opened. John Surridge and Philip Anderson share a detailed history of the schools from the First World War to the present day. Discover where the idea first appeared in 1936 of providing an ‘intermediate day school for 14-18-year olds at a fee of £15 per year.
  • This week’s Mission feature is a summary of the lecture given by Dr. David Trim on the 90th anniversary of the Trans-European Division. More than an exercise in nostalgia, Dr. Trim concludes with five lessons for European Adventists, if the Division’s best days still lie ahead.
  • “The Look” was given to Peter. Messenger shares Dr. Patrick Herbert’s sermon given at the recent BUC Pastor’s council. Patrick considers that if God can forgive Peter, He can forgive anybody. 
  • Can a relationship with a pet teach us anything about our relationship with God. Amelie is Deirdre Fourie’s dog and learns a lesson or two about waiting.
  • The editor wonders about the metaphor of walls. Build them up, or break them down? “Watchmen, walls and the Gospel”, is an attempt to biblically resolve this difficult question.
  • And finally, on page 2, discover a picture of warmth, joy and friendship that says a thousand words

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[David Neal Editor]


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