NEC Adventurer Camporee 2019

20th June 2019

The Advent Campsite in Aberdaron has hosted its first ever Adventurer Camporee on 30 May - 1 June. This was the first time the Adventurer Camporee was held at campsite since additional land was purchased in 2017. The extra land was obtained to help to dev85978elop programmes for the North England Conference (NEC) Pathfinders and young people. Small developments are evident at the site and there are plans to commence a small farming project which will provide vegetables and herbs to be used for sustainable food preparation at Aberdaron.

The camp that started on a Thursday morning ran all the way till Saturday with the camp packing up on Sunday morning. The motivational speaker for the event was Pastor Ikwisa Mwasumbi NEC Pathfinder director. The children were enthused by the biblically based presentati85977ons given by Pastor Mwasumbi because of his energy and the interactivity he had with them. It was a packed programme that featured sporting activities, tug of war, art and crafts, walks to the local beach. Also present for the whole camp was the British Union Conference (BUC) Youth Ministries director Pastor Dejan Stojkovic who has been avid supporter of the Pathfinder programme in the Union.

On the Sabbath NEC President Pastor Richard Jackson was pleased to be able to attend the first NEC Adventurer Camporee to be held at Advent Campsite. His attendance also m85979arked the official opening and inauguration of the extra land. In his address at the site opening he said, "I am so delighted that we can have our camporee on our own land. This was achieved by us as a Conference coming together and making this historic purchase. It was a delight to see the children and each parent was very happy in knowing that this campsite is owned by the NEC. The development of the campsite continues, and we will not stop the development until we have a campsite with all the resources necessary for our children. Let me thank everyone for making this historic 2019 Adventurer Camporee possible."

Because of the insurmountable work done by the NEC Pathfinder team which worked so tirelessly to make this camping experience 85981memorable we will not talk about the two to eight-hour journey that some clubs had to make to the camping site. We will not discuss the 40 mile-per-hour winds that uprooted some of the tents and terrified even the most seasoned pathfinders. However, we will talk about how the faithful adventurers were willing to brave the elements and long journey to contribute to a long Adventist tradition of camporee.

[Lungani Sibanda, NEC Communication Director]


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