North Wembley Community Outreach

12th July 2019


On a sunny Sunday 7 July afternoon, North Wembley Community Seventh-day Adventist church hosted a 'Great Get Together' community lunch. The government sponsored event was inspired by the tragic murder of MP Jo Cox. 

The day commenced with the Willesden and North Wembley Pathfinders drum corps and had stalls and vans laden with food for the community. Music and chatter enveloped the corner pitch where the lunch was provided to encourage neighbouring guests to come and join in. Health stalls and stations were available for guests to take blood pressure and health assessments. 

Councillor Orleen Hylton and other representatives from local community groups such as Barnabe Nemi, Chair of the Sudbury Metropolitan Police Board and Renu Kaul, Chair of the local Sudbury Town Residents Association (STRA), also attended. 

Among the regular guests were new and old neighbours, local shop owners, those passing by on foot, in cars and on the bus as well as visitors who left only to come back with their friends. 86464

Everyone felt welcome as we embraced the sentiments of Jo Cox, finding that we have much more in common than that which divides us. 

Local ministers Pastors Kwesi Moore, Dennis Mingo and Ottakal Chackochen also supported the event.

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