Plymouth Pathfinder Investiture

28th June 2019

If at first you don't succeed try, try, try again. 

86132Pathfinder Clubs in Area 1 have been scarce over the past 20 years or so but now Exeter and Plymouth have budding clubs with Pathfinders in St Austell soon to kick off. 

Plymouth had a previous investiture of 'honours' with Fletewood School in 2016, which inspired others to continue working on Pathfinder classes. In 2018, Friend, Ranger and Busy Bee classes were started. Finally, last Sabbath (15 June 2019) Plymouth had their first ever full investiture, where 13 Pathfinders and Adventurers were invested. Pastor Kevin Johns (SEC Pathfinder Director) came to officiate at the service. He continued to encourage everyone and emphasised that no one is ever too old to join Pathfinders or teach a class/honour.86133

Several Pathfinders persevered and successfully completing the Friend and/or Ranger classes. They enjoyed working together as a group and especially liked the practical honours included in the class such as knot tying and hiking. The Busy Bees also graduated from their class, eager to begin the next stage of their programme.

86134After several years Pastor Clifford completed his Master Guide training and received his 'stripes'. Pastor Clifford and Ophelia Herman continue to diligently lead the Pathfinder Club in Plymouth with hopes that the investiture may have inspired others in the church to join in as the programme continues. 

Plymouth church has proved that if something doesn't work first time don't give up, be persistent in prayer and action, and God will do the rest.

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