Seventh-day Adventist Becomes CEO of Christian Aid

3rd May 2019

This week the BUC office had as a visitor, Amanda Khozi Mukwashi, Chief Executive Officer of Christian Aid. Amanda who took up her position just last year in April 2018 is the first Seventh-day Adventist to hold such a post.

84873Christian Aid has always been a pivotal charity organisation within the Christian church, throughout the UK and worldwide. It is an organisation that believes, "human action is responsible for the underlying causes of poverty and that the world must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can thrive and share life in all its fullness."

Amanda who, although born in the UK, is originally from Zambia, came to the BUC office to take part in a media interview with BUC Communication Director Richard Daly for a new series of In Conversation, a TV programme that is aired on Sky TV and Hope TV.

In this unique interview, Amanda shared for the first time her upbringing and personal struggles of faith though being brought up within the Christian faith. Studying to be a lawyer at the Zambian University, Amanda had an encounter with God through an a cappella group, the singing of which and more importantly the words moved her to such an extent, that right then she committed her life to Jesus Christ.

Amanda shared how following her attaining her degree and when on the verge of completing her law practising studies, she failed one of the modules and subsequently found herself on a different path of employment within the humanitarian field that was to change the course of her life.

Another crossroads was after being married and having two small children, she left Zambia for England to further her education and to find work. However to her surprise, despite her qualifications and experience it seemed that every job she applied for was unsuccessful and eventually had to train to be a care worker just to gain work experience. She said it was not until she arrived in England that she experienced real deprivation, financial hardship and the greatest test of her spirituality.

The full interview which can be seen below highlights a remarkable life which underpins God's continual leading and direction to where she is today as the CEO of one of the largest Christian organisations in the world.

One would think that with all her accolades and educational attainment that her faith would become compromised, but Amanda has shown great strength of character borne by her deep appreciation for her Adventist beliefs which shape and imbed her whole outlook toward life.

As a Church we congratulate Amanda on her role and the influence she's having not only in Christian Aid but in shaping policies and projects to help those suffering in poverty around the world.



Amanda's Bio

Born in the UK and of Zambian heritage, Amanda is a committed Christian and member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Amanda has more than 20 years' experience, extensive knowledge and expertise in working to alleviate poverty, injustice and inequality, with a special focus on women's leadership, civic engagement and volunteering.

Prior to joining Christian Aid, her most recent appointment was as the Chief of Volunteer Knowledge and Innovation for the United Nations Volunteer Programme (UNVP), based in Germany. Before that, she was the Director of Policy for VSO International, based in London, where she was responsible for programme policy and programme effectiveness across the whole federation and VSO global.

She has also served as Head of External Relations and Head of Programmes at Skillshare International UK, as well as Women in Business Coordinator at the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa in Lusaka, where she began her career in international development.

Amanda has a Master's degree in International Economic Law, from the University of Warwick, and a Bachelor of Laws degree, from the University of Zambia.

Amanda has served as a trustee on the board of Bond and as President of Akina Mama wa Afrika. She became a trustee of Christian Aid in 2015 and stood down from the Board to apply for the Chief Executive position. She started as Chief Executive in April 2018.

She is married and has two children.

Visit the Christian Aid website where Amanda is profiled

Annual report of Christian Aid

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