UK SDA Lawyers Signposting Service (UKSLSS)

31st January 2019

On 3 November 2018 we launched the UK SDA Lawyers Signposting Service where the British Union Conference (BUC) introduced an initiative to assist our church members within the territory with a legal signposting resource to assist members with legal issues.

The aim is to ensure that if a church member has a legal issue that they need to understand the UKSLSS would be able to assist and point out options to assist with the circumstances. The initiative as a signposting service would act in the capacity as a forum supporting members in our churches and where appropriate having a service akin to the Citizens Advice Bureau where we could help our communities to understand their legal issues such as will writing, housing issues and other personal challenges.

This initiative, presented to the BUC by Chucks Golding, is aimed at collating a group of lawyers to grow a support mechanism in the BUC. We are calling, throughout the Union, together with our Missions, on all 83315Seventh-day Adventist lawyers to build and grow this offering so that we can provide a support for members throughout the Union. The initiative is growing and goes live on 30 April 2019. That is not a very long time to volunteer. It is an endeavour that requires voluntary and committed participation that engenders a keen and professional knowledge in the area of legal expertise. Your Conference/Mission will be contacting you to participate. Let us work together to build a supportive forum that reflects our needs and standards.

Are you interested in volunteering your legal expertise? Please send your interest to email

[Chucks Golding]


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