Scottish Women's Ministries Retreat

28th July 2019

The Venue for the Scottish Mission Womens' Ministries retreat for 2019 was The Jean Muir Student Village at Heriot Watt University Residence in Galashiels.  This venue was located in a beautiful, quiet area. Youth Group

The retreat was well attended with 42 ladies and 18 younger ladies. On the Saturday, Pastor Paulk Tompkins, president of the Scottish joined the retreat.

The theme for the weekend was DAUGHTERS OF GOD: BE STILL AND KNOW I AM GOD, quoting from Psalms 46:10. The purpose of the theme was to reflect on how women of all ages can depend on God through each of their lives. The main speakers for the adult women, were Mrs Sinikiwe Makove from Zimbambwe and Pastor Sophia Peart from England. Jessica Perea, assisted by Temitayo Odewusi, both from Edinburgh Church were the main speakers for the young women.

On Friday the theme was “Be Still, He is God of the Afflicted”. This was a very encouraging presentation related the story of Leah. The participants were blessed with two presentations and two workshops from the visiting speakers, Pastor Sophia Peart and Mrs Sinikiwe Makove, as well as workshops on health and well-being by Sister Sylvie Makanga. Sister Judith Martin held a presentation about the Esther Institute of Excellence.

These are some of the Workshops that were presented by the speakers.

· Workshop 1- Train your Brain to think Postively by Mrs Sinikiwe Makove.

· Workshop 2- Improve your personal walk with God by Pastor Sophia Peart

· Workshop 3- Intergenerational Relationships by Sister Jessica Perea

· Workshop 4- Health and Wellbeing by Sister Sylvie Makanga

Pr TompkinsThe Youth had their own programme on Sabbath and Sunday, which were lead by Jessica Perea and Temitayo Odewusi. These leaders presented their own interesting topics and activities. Thladies also presented a workshop entitled "Rewire your brain and know your personality and spiritual gifts".

As the weekend drew to a close it was evident that all women of all ages enjoyed themselves and learned much about God and themselves. The lessons learnt from the presentations and workshops will affect how women can work for God, and stand for Him in every situation.

[Margaret Mukisa]


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